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Monday, February 14, 2005

Reverse swing in outsourcing

:) Interesting ain't it?

[via via Asia Times]
Over the past year, thousands of top- and middle-level executives from the United States and the United Kingdom have left their countries to explore job opportunities in India's Wipro, Infosys, Satyam and Tata Consultancy Services, to name a few. This is apart from regular middle- and top-level management positions in multinational companies such as IBM and General Electric that have set up huge operations in India. It is estimated that the number of foreigners working in India in the software and outsourcing industries is mounting rapidly. The Foreign Registrar Office in New Delhi puts it at 50,000, and counting.

Anil Mahajan, executive director of Talent Hunt Private Ltd, said, "Till recently, we were getting regular job queries from expatriate Indians wanting to move back to India. We were taken by surprise when overseas professionals from countries as far as the US, UK and South Africa also started calling us up to enquire about job opportunities here. This has now become a trend."

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