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Monday, February 14, 2005

Domestic market too opens up for BPOs

Saloni - Can the rural population be trained to service a share of the domestic outsourcing market?

January 29, 2005

The domestic market, which is now opening up, could become a ‘large, full fledged market’ in the next three to five years. “Roughly around 80,000 to one lakh people in the BPO companies serve domestic market currently. In the next five years, over one million jobs will be created just to address the domestic market. Players like BSNL alone require 35,000-40,000 people for customer care,” TG Ramesh, head BPO iGate, said.

HTMT, whose current business from domestic clients is small, expects that the percentage could grow to 5% this year. “Right now, the trend is very small, but down the line, we expect Indian market to contribute to 15-20% of our business.”

BPOs may also try to serve domestic customers through third parties, Mr Nagaraj added.

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