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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Indian IT industry has failed to realise the potential of domestic requirements’

An interesting point of view ... when is the herd gonna cash on this opportunity?

S S Ghosh, retired MD and CEO of CMC Ltd says

The Indian industry is not realising the potential of domestic requirements for IT applications, ranging from training and education, healthcare to e-governance. The local companies are too involved with the export market for IT services, overlooking the possibilities for complete solution development within the country.

Development of applications in local language could be one area and IT-based education delivery could be another. What is being done to eradicate illiteracy? Are we really taking vast advantage of IT to do something in this area? It is just not sufficient that some isolated applications are being used by private training institutes or IT is being taught in schools. These are not enough to unearth the potential. The Indian companies should apply themselves to create solutions related to mass applications of IT. It could be in the education segment or in the operation of transport system in metros and cities. We have to plan to develop new applications so that the quality of life of an ordinary Indian improves.

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