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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Homeshoring: Tech jobs in mid-size America

[via zdnet]'s Ed Frauenheim reports that Bangalore, Shanghai and Singapore--as well as Silicon Valley--have new competition from smaller cities and rural areas of the United States...

A chief reason technology companies are turning to midsize cities and rural areas in the United States is their lower-wage work force. Employees there can be paid less than in today's tech hubs, largely because the cost of living is much lower. For instance, a $400,000 home in Boston would cost about $69,000 in Oklahoma City, according to Coldwell Banker Real Estate. The cost of living in Twin Falls is 33 percent lower than in San Jose, Calif.--the heart of Silicon Valley.

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Things to think about - Can tomorrow the competition be smaller cities and rural areas of India? Is there a a little-noticed talent pool that remians untapped? Can homeshoring be explored? Isn't that the new name for domestic outsourcing?


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