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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Rural BPO

Here's a post from Vijay's Blog on the Rural BPO work that I am involved with:

The Rural BPO team of TeNeT certainly seem to think so and they are progressing well on that end. From simple data entry tasks of converting handwritten application forms into digital entries, to converting english-language multimedia content into regional language content, they have done it and pride themselves in being in par with any work the city whiz kid could do. They are looking to expand and get more projects to further scale their efforts. If you do know of any BPOs that have a SCR (Social Corporate Responsibility) division and want to do something for Rural India, this would be very ideal.

more available here

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Hardest Lessons for Startup's to Learn

Paul Graham [via Rajesh Jain] writes in his essay:

What you should fear, as a startup, is not the established players, but other startups you don't know exist yet. They're way more dangerous than Google because, like you, they're cornered animals.

Looking just at existing competitors can give you a false sense of security. You should compete against what someone else could be doing, not just what you can see people doing. A corollary is that you shouldn't relax just because you have no visible competitors yet. No matter what your idea, there's someone else out there working on the same thing.

That's the downside of it being easier to start a startup: more people are doing it.