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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Obnoxious/ Aggressive/ Ruthless/ Selfish

A conversation about entrepreneurship and the basic qualities that entrepreneurs possess got me thinking ...

"Obnoxious aggressive behavior is essential to a successful entrepreneur. Obnoxious-aggressive is a type neither hosted, nor appreciated, in south Europe, India, and SE Asia. This makes good sense to me: entrepreneurship is fundamentally disruptive. Disruption disturbs harmony, which is greatly valued in southern Europe and India."

Isn't aggression too strong a term to use? Does aggression have a positive connotation? Selfish and ruthless .. yes .. and maybe the aggression is the kind that works towards something positive ..

Training Programs in Tamil Nadu

Taking to some kiosk operators about the various things they
can do with their computers in their village.

Hands on traning for some village entreprenuers


Opposite the intenet center in a village - a primary school where kids were playing and studying .. un/surprisingly the school does not have a proper toilet!

Snakes - Engaged in Activity

Fighting/ mating?!?!

Pictures from my Travelogues- Conversations

Talking to a bunch of high school kids in Modaj village in Gujarat. They knew that could be accessed from the Internet Center when they start looking for employment!

Pictures from my Travelogues - Gujarati Wall Painting

wall painting in gujarati explaining the various services offered in the village internet center

Pictures from my Travelogues ...

This picture was taken at a Chiraag Internet kiosks in rural Tamil Nadu. The place is remote and probally has one STD phone apart from this internet connection!