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Thursday, February 02, 2006

MS Announces Rural IT Initiative

Microsoft India today unveiled a scalable and self sustaining kiosk model initiative, aimed at taking the benefits of IT to rural parts of the country.

A public private initiative, christened 'Saksham', Microsoft will additionally develop a rural portal powered with content and applications aimed specifically for the rural segment, by working with regional and local ISVs to accelerate the adoption of these services.

"We will set up 50,000 kiosks across India over the next three years. This is a great start, but is
only the tip of the iceberg. Our larger aim will be to touch more than 50 percent of the rural population within three years.


  • Hi,

    Tell me which part of the country Microsoft is starting this initiative. How is their model different from the other models that are already existing. Any idea about the content and applications they plan to propose/put in the kiosks


    By Anonymous Narinder Bhatia, at 5:14 PM  

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