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Friday, August 05, 2005

Distributed BPO

Economic Times has an article on BPO's going for a multi city back up -

Move over data security, BPOs have got a new buzzword — disaster recovery. And it’s proving to be a money-spinner too. Americans as well as Europeans are today willing to pay a premium of 20% or higher to split the work farmed out to India into two or more cities. And insiders say that banks, finance and insurance companies are pushing it hard.

Having tasted the fury of Mumbai rains, clients are no longer satisfied with the outsourcing vendor having a facility in two cities, but are insisting on splitting each process into more than one city. And BPO vendors in India are now dishing out business continuity plans backing up more and more of their processes into multiple cities. Terrorism and earthquakes are already built in, but the latest disaster recovery roadmap has new natural calamities like rains and floods featuring prominently.


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