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Friday, May 06, 2005

ed·u·tain·ment for rural india

Swaminathan doles out some advice to Mr Chidambaram about creating a knowledge center in every village [Swaminomics, Times of India] and points out some interesting learnings from NIIT's Hole-in-the-Wall experiment -
  • Rural and slum children were perfectly happy to play educational games with learning content. Such games are regarded by middle-class kids as boring and avoidable. But rural and slum children have such few avenues of entertainment that they find even educational games exciting. writes about gaming -
It has been suggested that computer games can incorporate as many as 36 important learning principles. For example, they put learners in the role of decision-maker, pushing them through ever harder challenges, engaging the player in experimenting with different ways of learning and thinking.

  • Public visibility creates social pressure that discourages undesirable uses (example pornography). No kid wants to be seen publicly watching pornography by passers-by, who may be relatives.


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