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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Mobile phones vs Tele Centers

Bala comments on my previous post

"The lack of proper service over large areas should be seen as a call for service-providers and the government to improve services and not necessarily a demand for alternatives."

nd I so agree with him, but knowing human nature and how things work between realization and implementation there is a huge delay. Also due to the scattered population in some areas it is just not fesible for a telecom company to provide its services. Then there are liscencing and regualtory issues in other areas.

There is no one solution .. there is no one alternative when we say we want to bridge the digital divide ... the solution is an innovative approach sometimes its a new technology that the commercial vendors might not endorse. But what works is a device that can serve a community not only an individual. A device that meets various demands and provides value for money.

Cell phones have their own place and provide what a computer will not. They provide instant communicationin the language of your choice!


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