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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Tsunami (London Times)

A team from Anna University in Madras is logging the details of any child or adult whose relatives may be searching for them. Photographs and personal details will be posted on a website and the team will tour camps with computers.

`Lost and found' system (Hindu)

CHENNAI JAN. 1. Anna University will instal a computer-based `lost and found' system in Nagapattinam relief camps.
It will set up eight PC stations (each consisting of one PC, one web camera and a modem) connected in the network mode to a central server.

The system uses `e-milan' software, a web-based solution which facilitates the lost people to get in touch with their near and dear, posting their photographs and details on a central server that can be accessed from anywhere using a modem and a telephone line.

Horror writ large on young faces (The Australian)

A team from Anna University, in the southern city of Chennai, has travelled to the region to assist in reuniting displaced family members.

Armed with a laptop, webcam and wireless internet connection, the team is moving between containment centres, photographing children and people who have been separated.

"We will build a data base and travel around from camp to camp to help families identify missing relatives," said Manoj Mathur, one of the program's co-ordinators. "I am very sure that some of these people have family in other centres."


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